Transporting a 84 ton Tile Press Machine

Yet another extraordinary work carried out by WSR Fernando & Company using 4 axel heavy duty low bed trailer.
The cargo was a tile press machine weighing 84 tons & this was the heaviest cargo transported inlands by a local transporter.

This was transported from Colombo Port to Milleniya, Bandaragama a village area with very old roads (with a width of 12ft & paddy fields in both sides), culverts & bridges.

We had to put gravel to the sloaps when the cargo was passing the culverts & lay iron plates on them. Finally the job was completed successfully without damage to any property because of the professionalism of drivers, helpers & staff of the company.

According to the customer this job was refused by every other transporting company and WSR Fernando & Company (Pvt) Ltd was able to stand by its words “Nothing is Impossible in Transport”